Our experience working with influencers dates back to 2009. Much has happened since then and what at that time were basically bloggers over time they have become youtubers, instagrammers, tiktokers, twitchers … However, many of them consider that these names do not stand for what they really do or the value they add. What best defines them, according to our experience working with them, is the concept of digital creators. Their best asset is to connect with a loyal audience through content that adds value. If a brand is included in this content, it will benefit from the power of prescription that the influencer has in front of his audience.


Choosing the best digital ambassador for your brand is not an easy task. In fact, over the years working with top-level content creators, we’ve identified the 5 most common mistakes to avoid. Do you want to discover them? Download our guide to the most common influencer marketing mistakes for free HERE.


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