S.O.S. Design Barcelona – Events in times of pandemic


“Girls, I want to organize an event in my interior design studio during the Barcelona Design Week and I need you to help me. I can count on you, right?” This was the request that our client, the interior designer Mercè Borrell, made us at the beginning of November. Yes, this November, in the middle of the second wave and with the most restrictive lockdown measures for months. But we assume that the entrepreneurial and positive mentality of a woman like Mercè is stronger than any adverse circumstance. The world of art, creativity and culture is already sufficiently touched and it was worth the effort. A little light at the end of the tunnel. In addition, the event complied with all the security measures: six speakers at a round table that would discuss the past, present and future of Barcelona as a brand. In addition, we had top the speakers: the councilor for Tourism and Creative Industries, Xavier Marcé, the architect Juli Capella, the director of a Masters Degree at Elisava, Josep Puig, the CEO of Morillas branding agency, Marc Morillas and Mercè herself. And such an interesting and necessary conversation could not be just  a six-party debate. The intensity of the topic had to be shared with all those who had the same concern as the speakers. For this, and thanks to the magic of technology, we decided to broadcast the exciting debate live on YouTube. Almost an hour and a half in which each one was able to express their concerns and proposals for the future so that the Barcelona brand can shine again as once did. A technical display worthy of a live television program. All this, thanks to the support of some sponsors who made such an ambitious event possible: Duravit, Simon, Hansgrohe, Cubiñà, Azul Acocsa, LEDs C4 and Torelló Viticultors. And as the night was clear and the impressive location of Local K in Espai Serrahima, where the interior designer’s studio is located, allowed it, we could even enjoy the amazing voice of Nadya Makoeva and her guitar companion Andrea, two of the components of Jumble Sounds. For a moment, and if it weren’t for the masks and the hand sanitizer, we would forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic … which is no small thing.

Here you can access the full debate and here a summary of the wonderful evening.

Thank you Mercè for trusting Boreal Comunicación and for your great initiative!

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