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2020 … A year to forget?

Perhaps this is the thought that invades many of us when we look back and think about this year that ends tomorrow.

But if we think of 2020 as the year our lives changed forever, do we really want to forget it?

In 2020 we learned that nothing should be taken for granted. That people are above things. That science has its own pace. That people need people. That in order to achieve the common good sometimes you have to give up. That companies have to reinvent themselves to survive.

And we have several examples of the latter in Boreal. Examples of companies that despite the circumstances took a step forward and trusted us to accompany them on this path.

First of all, thanks to the entire Rekker team for having the courage to bet on something as intangible as its brand’s image. Thanks to your vision you have achieved wonderful things in just one year.

Thanks to Barea for leaving something as personal as your corporate identity and your website in our hands.

Thanks to I To Grow for launching such a wonderful project conceived during the strictest lockdown period and trusting us for launching it. Flori, your perseverance and love for children is enviable.

Thanks to Aula Culinària for continuing to make passion for cooking your motto and for letting us accompany you in your journey on social media.

Thank you Mercè Borrell for not stopping, for not taking no for an answer, for taking risks and rely on us for the organization of an event that turned out to be a success.

Thanks to the entire Iscat team, who are devoted to the education of the children and that despite the difficulties of an exceptional year, opted for communication as a tool to succeed in this difficult year.

Thanks to Cabo San Roque for your daring, for betting on digital and for being such great artists.

Thanks to those new clients who have decided to start the new year with us. There is no greater honor: Besform, Publifa, Filla de Zoe and Mapsa.

And thanks to our families who have unconditionally supported us in the creation of Boreal, so that little by little that life that we both fantasized about in the past has paradoxically taken shape in one of the most difficult years of our lives. And that is, without a doubt, reason for hope.

To a 2021 full of light.

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