Becoming entrepreneurs in times of coronavirus.

What does the word entrepreneurship suggest to us? Hope, enthusiasm and above all, freedom. Although at the same time it evokes risk, uncertainty, insecurity … aka fear of failure. Freedom versus fear. And there we are stuck for almost a year. And if the situation was not already complicated by itself, a totally unexpected guest star makes an appearance: the pandemic. Boom, an explosive combination.

But let’s recap. Actually, why do we want to become entrepreneurs? We love our work. In fact, we don’t know how to do anything else. But we also love freedom. Freedom understood as being faithful to our values, to be able to listen to our heart and also to our guts. To choose what we want to sacrifice and what not (because let’s face it, when you are a mother, there is no choice but to give up on something). The only possibility of being able to live from what we like, adding value to our community and above all without having to swim upstream is, to say the least, promising.

And then what stops us? Fear. Fear paralyzes. Fear makes us doubt about everything. And nowadays, uncertainty and fear go hand in hand. But, let’s forget the paralysis caused by fear and assess the situation objectively:

We are professionals: it’s the word that defines us both. Ask anyone who knows us and we have no doubt that it is the adjective that will be repeated the most.

We are committed: with everything we do. We put our soul on everything we do. We are responsible and honest.

We have experience: 20 years playing in the first division has taught us a lot. We know what it takes to be there and we know how to play.

And last but not least, we want to prove that things done well, work. It can’t be any other way, right? Perhaps it is all an act of faith, but in times of coronavirus we must entrust ourselves to divine justice, because we will come out of this, different, but we will come out. We always do. We have always done.

Georgina and Carol

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