Aula Culinària

“The Boreal girls are commited and proactive. Not only do they have good ideas but they also know how to implement them. And they act as if it was their own company. 10/10”.

Lola García Oliver

Founder at Aula Culinària

Social media advertising
Promotional videos creation
Social media activations


Aula Culinària is a cooking school located in Granollers center. Its target audience is both professional chefs who want to improve their technique, kitchen amateurs who want to learn new recipes and preparations, and even young people and children who want to get started in this art. A very heterogeneous target that had to be surgically impacted to offer each one the most appropriate course for their interests.


For this, from Boreal we prepared a battery of video pieces, each one aimed to a different segment of the target with the different courses offered by the school. Once the material was created, we set up a digital media plan on social networks to get the courses to potential students of the school, with a conversion-oriented strategy to maximize the available budget.


Since April 2020, Boreal has been the official partner of Aula Culinària in all its social media campaigns, having helped the school to put up the “complete” sign in most of its 2020 and 2021 courses. We have also organized different activations and social media giveaways to help its vast community of followers continue to grow.