“Since Boreal manages our social channels, our brand’s image is more appealing allowing us to reach new quality customers”.

Javier Castilla

CEO at Rekker

Social media management
On/off advertising campaigns
Audiovisual production
E-mail marketing


Rekker, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of kitchen furniture, offered a product with character, very powerful, technical and customizable. The brand presented a high-quality portfolio and guaranteed an optimal result to the consumer. Even so, Rekker had failed to convey successfully the essence of its brand. Their image online and offline wasn’t up to par with their product, and they weren’t taking advantage of all the opportunities that presented themselves.


From Boreal we undertook this project with much enthusiasm, since it was practically about creating a communication from the beginning. With Rekker we work on their image on social networks, designing communication strategies, creating content and advertising campaigns that show the detail of the product, its more technical side, as well as the universe of the brand, its most abstract and emotional part. From the styling and art direction of the audiovisual content to the copywriting of the website and the management and organization of shootings, among others. A client with whom we work in different formats to see them grow together with us. Along this path, a challenge was also proposed to us that opened up new opportunities: The comprehensive launch of a new product line, with its own personality and image.


Rekker obtained an image with clear and defined values which to this day we continue to take as a reference for the comprehensive management of its social networks and communication campaigns. In addition, having counted on us has opened doors to collaborations with other brands and new costumers. The successful results of the campaigns and the growth in networks show these results.