The Vancouver Room

“Having a communication team behind me gave me a lot of security when launching my brand.

I fully trusted Boreal. They knew perfectly how to capture the essence of The Vancouver Room and what I wanted to convey”.

Susana Sayas, fashion designer

Social media management
Online content creation
Online advertising campaigns
IG Shopping creation
Influencer Marketing


The Vancouver Room is a slow fashion brand created by designer Susana Sayas. Born from passion, dedication and the desire to change the fashion industry, offering unique pieces made by hand with high quality materials and patterns thought to the millimeter. It emerges at the beginning of 2022, and like any new brand on the market, it needs advertising support to get known. This is where we come in. Our assignment consisted of creating a digital strategy for the launch of the brand, together with the subsequent maintenance of networks, in order to make it visible and make its values known.


The creator was looking for a fresh, clean and cool image for her brand, where the clothes,colors and fabrics were the main protagonists. Once the brand had been analyzed in depth andafter several meetings to learn about the product and the client’s needs, we began to createcontent that would later be useful for advertising campaigns and the launch on Instagram.Apart from photographs where the product, its details and quality could be seen, we sought toget small clips where the most human part of The Vancouver Room could be seen. When abrand enters the market, it is important to show who is behind it, and even more in projectswith a high degree of personal involvement, with the aim of generating trust from thebeginning.


At the same time, we started working on the tone and language to be used online and on thelaunch strategy. One of the actions carried out in this phase was the viralization of a video as a”teaser”, which generated expectation and attracted followers to the new Instagram profilebefore having started posting.


Once The Vancouver Room began to become visible among a small community, we took thenext and essential step: the creation of an advertising campaign, where we seek to impact thebrand’s target audience. In this phase, we also created IG Shopping and reached out toinfluencers who had similar profiles with The Vancouver Room. We started working with themso that they would make us known in their community of followers and get new potentialclients.


The Vancouver Room gained popularity on its Instagram profile and successfully conveyed itsmessage. The result today is a community that admires, follows, and interacts with the brand.In addition, the use of IG Shopping has helped in generating leads in the online shop, while thecampaigns have opened up an audience beyond the border.