“Thanks to Boreal we understood how social media really works and we gained visibility with little effort”.

Laia Torrents

Artist and founder at cabosanroque

Social media training and strategy


Cabosanroque is an artistic duo hard to classify. They fluctuate between different disciplines, including music, sculpture and theatre. Aware of the importance of the digital presence as artists, they came to Boreal to better understand their options.


We proposed to offer 100% personalized training in which we analyzed the digital presence of different artists, with a special focus on Instagram, to detect opportunities that would allow cabosanroque to grow in the networks. Likewise, we showed all the options offered by social networks and how to get the most out of them, playing with the algorithm to gain maximum visibility.


Thanks to understanding how Instagram works, they were able to give the maximum reach to the content they create by building synergies with other creators through the networks and growing exponentially in followers.