Reyes Varón

“Boreal won the pitch of our account thanks to a great strategic work, competing with other marketing agencies specialized in gastronomy”.

Estefanía Dude

CEO at Ahumados Mediterráneos

Communication strategy
Audiovisual content creation
Social media management
E-mail marketing
Event organization
Packaging, catalogue, etc. design


Reyes Varón, a smoked products company with long tradition in the gastronomy sector aimed at a professional target (B2B), came to us in the search of a clear and emotional communicative discourse in their brand with which to get out of their comfort zone and open up new horizons. Reyes Varón wanted to highlight the human and artisanal factor of its brand: its essence and its product in its purest state.


At Boreal we began to manage its communication 360. We deep dived into the brand, its history, product and employees, in order to find a connecting thread with which to communicate the true identity of Reyes Varón. We started by creating quality content both in photo and video. Gastronomic photography has very specific codes and the photos had to reflect the essence of their product, without artifice. In the videos, our goal was to display the soul of the professionals that are part of the company. Once the material was created, we designed its website based on the identity we were building. With all that content, managing social networks was much easier. In one of the most tactical actions, the brand was advised by Boreal to organize an event that would bring the brand closer to a professional target. An intimate event, but looking for synergies with other members of the sector that turned out to be a success.


Building the identity of a brand practically from the beginning is a challenge, but when the client allows to be advised and is aware of the needs, the work becomes much easier. The growth in quality followers, the awareness, and the positive word of mouth of the brand, are milestones that have helped the business grow and position as an inspiration in the smoked food sector.